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ERW Pipe
Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Steel Pipe

Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Steel Pipe

For use in water, petrochemical, mining and structural applications.

The standard available diameters range from 219.1mm to 610mm. Pipes are offered in four standard lenghts: 6.096m (20ft), 9.144m (30ft), 12.192m (40ft) and 18.288m (60ft). Non standard diameters / thicknesses and lengths are available on request.

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In-line quality monitoring stations at each stage

Steel Strip Lamination Inspection

Round Forming

Hi-Frequency Electric Welder

Ensures perfect shape
and edge geometry which is required for a consistent quality weld.

Ensures full control of the welding process.

In-line ultrasonic systems monitor the weld integrity and measure weld bead geometry after internal and external
scarfing. Seam annealing, sizing, cut-off and beveling completes the final pipe geometry. Hydrostatic testing and a
final ultrasonic inspection (if required) complete the pipe testing regime.

ERW (2).png

Steel Grade 
Availability & Standards

X42 - X70 PSL 1, PSL 2 and J55. Other grades are available on request.

Manufactured to SANS 719, API 5L and API 5CT.
Other manufacturing standards available on request.

ERW (1).png

In-house testing facilities


Tensile Testing
Flattening Tests
Chemical (spectrographic) Analysis
Microscopic weld analysis

HSAW (2).png

Steel Grade 
Availability & Standards

Grade B to X70 in product specification levels (PSL) 1 or 2.  Other grades are available on request.

Manufactured to SANS 719 and API 5L.
Other manufacturing standards available on request. 

HSAW (1).png

Third Spiral Mill

A third spiral mill - solely for the production of water pipe and structural components such as torque tubes for
the solar industry - has been added to the fleet.

3-layer coating.png
Helical Submerged Arc Welded (HSAW) Pipe

Helical Submerged Arc Welded (HSAW) Pipe

For use in water, petrochemical, mining and structural applications.

The standard available diameters range from 219mm to 2540mm. Pipes are offered in three standard pipe lengths: 9.144m (30ft), 12.192m (40ft) and 18.288m (60ft).

Our two Helical mills feature the latest welding and radiographic technology for the manufacture of HSAW pipe. The mills’ conform to the highest specifications required by leading water, oil and gas customers.

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

Hall Longmore’s OCTG pipe - also known as “drill” pipe - Casing and Tubing are manufactured according to the API 5CT Specification and are used in both onshore and offshore applications for the oil and gas industry.


Summary of Features

To API 5CT – J55

(Optional: Fully Upgradable Material).

Tubing and Casing

Regular and alternative drifts

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Coatings & Linings

Laboratory testing capabilities

Fully equipped, modern on-site laboratory to conduct tests on all coatings and linings as per relevant standard.


These tests include: (where applicable) Cathodic disbondment, peel adhesion, elongation, impact, DSC tests, penetration, gouge resistance, hotwater soak, compression strength, tensile strength interface contamination, Abrasive Resistance Overlay test (ARO) and compression strength tests.

External Coatings

Corrosion Protection

Hall Longmore is an industry leader in the technology and application of specialised protective coatings and linings to steel pipes. Applcations are tailored to suit local and international standards and the requirements of specialist corrosion engineers.


External Protective Coatings & Linings

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)

Fusion Bonded Medium Density Polyethylene
Coating (FBMDPE)

3 Layer High Density Polyethylene (3LPE)

3 Layer PolyPropylene (3LPP)

Various Wet Coat Applications

2 Layer Visco-Elastic Tape Wrap

Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)

Rigid Polyurethane

Cement Mortar Linings (CML)

3-layer coating.png

3-Layer Coating for Steel Pipe

The Hall Longmore facility is fully equipped with the latest “sleeve-type” and “side head extrusion” 3-layer coating processes.

Sleeve-type extrusion designed for pipe diameters from DN150 to DN600.
Side extrusion capable of coating pipe diameters up to DN1200.

3 Layer Coating is the generic term for a pipe coating comprising of an FBE base or primer layer, an extruded co-polymer adhesive intermediate layer and an extruded polyethylene or polypropylene top coat, as described by System B1 of the Canadian Specification.

3LPE Advantages

High impact resistance.

High corrosion resistance with low cathodic disbondment.

Excellent resistance to soil stresses.

Ability to accept pipe bending without damage to coating.

Highly impermeable to water penetration.

Superior adhesion to steel.

Good flexibility.

Excellent insulation properties with longterm resistance to stray current.

Can be customised to specific operating conditions by varying the thickness ofthe coating in line with specifications.

Fusion Bonded Medium Density Polyethylene Coating (FBMDPE)

Xtalene is a Fusion Bonded Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Coating which is applied directly to the pipe by dipping a pre heated pipe into a fluidised bed of uniquely formulated polyethylene powder.

The pipe surface is prepared to Sa2 ½ cleanliness using a wheel abrator. The pipe is then heated with gas burners which remove any residual dust or contaminants and to prepare the pipe for the coating process.

Finally, the pipe is rotated in a fluidised bed of MDPE powder which fuses onto the hot surface to the required thickness - 1.6 mm to 2.3 mm, depending on diameter.


Summary of Features

Low water absorption

Excellent adhesion to steel surfaces

High impact, load and soil stress resistance

Ability to accept pipe bending without damage to coating

High dielectric strength and electrical resistivity

Wide service temperature range (-40ºC to +70ºC)

Low CP current requirements (typically <5 A/m2)

Consistent application success rate

Exceptional UV protection for above ground application as well as storage prior to laying

Rubber Ring Joints (RRJ)

The Rubber Ring Joint push-fit application system of effecting pipeline joints combines several benefits in one product. This proprietary system offers ease of installation (similar to competing non-steel products), the strength and reliability of a steel pipe, and the superior properties of the FBMDPE coating.


In many applications there is nothing to surpass it.  

Dual Layer FBE Coating

A Proprietary DL FBE powder coating system.

Dual layer FBE is an application dependent two-pronged solution comprising an abrasion resistant overlay (ARO) and a moisture resistant overlay (MRO). Both are intended to provide an additional protection layer to the FBE corrosion protection base layer. ARO forms a tough outer layer that is resistant to gouging, impact, abrasion and penetration. Especially suited for pipe Jacking and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

Dual Layer FBE coating.png

Summary of Features

Pipe lengths up to 18.288m (60 feet)

Speed of production

Approximately 2km of DL FBE coated pipe can be produced every day

DL FBE coating systems meet electric defect insulation (EDI) test specifications

DL FBE coating systems promote long lifespans

ARO coatings are designed for rough handling

DN100 to DN600 nominal bore

Internal Coatings

Liquid Epoxy Linings

These have been utilised successfully for many years in systems conveying water, chemical, petrochemical, sewage, slurry and talings products. Various options are available to suit specific service requirements.

Lining Capability: DN200 to DN2500

A thorough surface preparation process is conducted.


Solvent free epoxies (SFE) are applied to the pipe inner surface through a lance and spray nozzle. For solvent free epoxies the two components are heated to 60˚C using heated water jackets along the lance to the mixing

Solvent borne epoxies (SBE) are used in smaller bore pipelines where access to effect repairs is not possible. SBE's allow overcoating of damaged or flawed linings.

Cement Mortar Linings

For use in water lines with a Ph value greater than seven. The system offers an appropriate balance between performance and economic considerations with respect to corrosion, wear protection, ease of installation and final cost.

Hall Longmore has both drag trowel (DN200 to DN700)
and spin lining (DN700 to DN2100) facilities in-house.
Lining Capability: DN200 mm to DN2100.

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